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How to choose a fantastic intimate escort?

Keeping oneself hale and warm is not only limited to eating desired food and doing the right exercise, but also involving oneself in romantic delight. It has been proven from a psychological point of view that one needs a romantic mate, with whom he can share his pains, miseries and enjoy the romance truly. And, […]

Arms Length, The Law & Escorts

Overview There is often a great deal of perplexity when it comes to understanding escorts and prostitution and the legalities of these practices and their players in various parts of the country. In a bid to counter the misconceptions surrounding the subject, below you will find general information on what’s legal, what’s not, and what […]

The Difference Between Escorts And Prostitutes

Thanks to Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts turned into a star almost overnight. Even though in the past she’s starred in a few other movies, they all pale in comparison with the massive success of Pretty Woman where she played the hooker with a heart of gold, Vivian Ward. Vivian was a prostitute and one day […]

Top Fourteen Tips For Recognizing and Avoiding Escort Reverse Stings!

Although there are many websites that advertise the services of escorts, in most states across the country, prostitution is illegal. This means that you can and will be arrested for soliciting sex in return for money. Unfortunately, for “johns”/clients, police often go out of their way to target buyers by launching sting operations. The trap […]

Choosing An Escort Service

If you’re feeling a bit lonely or are traveling a lot and don’t have a partner, then during your stay you may want to consider hiring an escort for entertainment. However, if you’ve never done this before, you should know that there are quite a few things you need to bear in mind prior to […]